Coat of Arms

Turban - It symbolises the inclination and love of our beloved Grand Father towards the Khasi Culture, on whose honour the school has been named.

Sun - The sun symbolises the light that the school spreads towards the society.

Book - The book is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Motto - “Work hard to meet our goal”.
  As the saying goes “there is no substitute for hard work”. Hence the school motto emphasises on the efforts that need to be put in, by the students as well as the teachers to be able to reach the targeted goal that we have set for ourselves which we can achieve through the teaching learning process as the book symbolises and as a result of which we will be shining bright as the sun to the society and also keeping in mind the aspect of our own culture throughout the entire Mission of the School


O.M. Roy Memorial Higher Secondary School

  • Kynton Massar, Mawlai
  • Shillong, - 793022

  • Phone
  • 9863318758
  • 9485142692
  • 8014757805

  • Email
  • [email protected]
School Hours:- 09 : 30 Am - 12 : 20 Pm
        01 : 00 Pm - 03 : 20 Pm