Boy's Hostel

  The School started the boys’ hostel on the 15th Feb, 2011. It can accommodate around 50 students. It has all the facilities that can make the students comfortable. The Hostellers are provided with best tuition and also coaching in sports and games.

1 Hostel New Admission Fee 8,600
2 Monthly Fee 4,000
3 Hostel Renewal Fee 6,600
4 The First Installment is to be paid in full Including with the New Admission fee or the Renewal fee. FEB - APR new admission fee/renewal fee + monthly fee x 3 months
5 Remaining Mess Fee (2nd installment) MAY - AUG 16,000
6 Remaining Mess Fee (3rd installment) SEP - NOV 12,000
7 - -

Those who want to pay the mess fee monthly, they have to pay on the first week of every month, i.e before 12th of every month.

Articles to brought by the Hosteller

1. A Rack or small almirah
2. Mattress
3. Blankets, pillow, bedsheet, towel
4. Trunks
5. Bedding
6. Bucket, Mug, Plate, Cup, Jug, Glass(Steel), Bowl
7. Dresses for daily use.

Rules and Regulations

1. All hostellers should follow and obey the rules and regulations of the hostel very strictly.
2. Only school book, good book, Bible are allowed tobe brought in the hostel.
3. Drinking liquor, smoking, chewing betel nut or use of any kind of tobacco is strictly forbidden.
4. The students concerned must repair or pay for the damage made to the hostel properties/goods.
5. No hostellers should leave the hostel without getting permission from the warden.
6. The hostellers are responsible for the safe custody of their belonging, money while living in the hostel.
7. The hosteller should handover the big amount of money to the hostel warden and keep only a small amount with them. However the authorities will not be responsible for its loss or if stolen.
8. Stealing is considered a very serious fault and any one found committing such a fault is liable to be expelled.
9. Any misbehaviour of a serious nature that has become public knowledge is liable to bring about dismissal even though it has taken place outside the hostel. 10. Parents or Guardians should come to introduce their wards personally to the superintendent of the hostel at the time of admission.
11. Clear the hostel fee before 12th of every month.
12. Parents/Gaurdians can visit their wards every saturday from 9:00Am to 1:00Pm to see the needs of their wards.
13. Parents/Gaurdians should co-operate with the authorities in regard to their children's behaviour and studies.
14. Parents/Gaurdians are responsible for any medical bill or treatment of their wards.
15. The use of walkman/camera/mobile is not allowed in the hostel.
16. Bring food/an eatable into the hostel from outside is not permitted without ther permission of the hostel warden.
17. The boarders are allowed to received telephone calls only on saturday and sunday between 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm Local call can be made from the hostel itself on payment.
18. Parents/Gaurdians should come to pick up their wards from the hostel during holidays.
19. Boarders will be allowed to leave the hostel for marketing on saturday with their parents/guardians only.
20. During Assembly, the hostellers should bring the school dairy.


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