Instructions for Parents and guardians

They are requested to:
1. Students must be regular and punctual.
2. Students must come to school in full uniform right from the opening day of the school.
3. Students must bring their text books and exercise books to class everday.
4. Students must finish their homeworks regularly as assigned by the teachers.
5. Students must not attend school when they are already sick.
6. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authority regarding the discipline of their wards.
7. Contact the school authority when in doubt about any matters that concern their wards.
8. Parents should make it a point to attend the parents - teacher - meeting at the given time and date and to collect the report card of the respective wards for each and every exams.


1. Absence without leave either from parents or guardian and the Headmistress/Principal may be punished by suspension.
2. Application for leave must not come from the pupil. It should be written in the school Dairy by the parents or Guardian along with their signature.
3. Half-day leave will not be granted, except for un-avoidable circumstances, parents should come and pick their wards form school.
4. Pupils are not allowed to be absent form school without good reasons.
5. Leave will be granted only in the cases of illness and serious reasons.
6. Students should be present on the re-opening day after the holidays break.


1. Only those pupils who have paid the school fees are permitted to appear for the Unit Test and other Examinations.
2. Specials arrangements cannot be made for pupils who for any reason are absent form the examination except in the case of illness in which the medical certificate must be produced.
3. Disciplinary action will be taken against any students using unfair means during examination.
4.Pupils conduct and progress will be given in the Report Card. Parents are requested to sign the Report Card so as not to put your child to any inconvenience.
5. Promotions to higher classes is based on the examination held during the year except for class X and XII.
6. Promotions is based mainly on the final decision of the teacher. No consideration will be entertained.
7. Unit Test are a regular features.
8. Students must attain 75% attendance so as to be permitted to appear for every examination.


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